Review of the Year

It’s the time for a review of the year. It came. It went. Lots of stuff happened in between. I’m not going much further than that. Many others do it far better. Check out Johnson banks thought for the day and you’ll see what I mean. Look out for a mention of an ex-kl student Jake Pover. Rock’n’roll!

I’ve got some ideas for future entries, regular themes and discussion possibilities, all of which will start to appear during January and February 09. The new website should be up and running by then, complete with a batch of freebies (oooh!) and a shop where my lovely handmade sketchbooks (more of which in another thread later…) will be available for purchase, for yourself or someone you love.

Meanwhile, review your own year, and check out – send yourself an email into the future. List out your hopes and ambitions for the year and send it to yourself on 26th December 2009. I’ll start a thread and we can compare how we hoped to fare for the year…

Sleep tight; don’t let the credit crunch bite!


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