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New book completed

Latest book (completed 02.01.09)

I’ve just finished my lateset book project. Its a small (A6-ish) 9 signature flat casebound sketchbook, with handmade cover paper and decorative stitching on the front back and spine. It’s pretty neat, and ever so touchy-feely! I think the 9 signature bulk is better for this size of book – a little more serious perhaps. Having used the 5 signature books, I’ve found that I filled them a little too quickly for my liking. The thicker book encourages a more prolonged use, and for less urgent themes.

The new website is taking longer than expected, and I’ve changed my Hosting company, creating further delays. The bookshop area is shaping up though, and you’ll be able to see a fair range of books, from simple hardcase bindings, Japanese stab binding, Coptic and Nag Hammadi styles.


2 thoughts on “New book completed

  1. Hey chris, working in books now i see? Ive done a nice book binding course here at Nottingham in my second year and was alot of fun if not alot of hardwork.

    Also what do you think about my dissertation title:

    “The effect of the Mac Revolution on typeface and typographic design”

    As a designer who uses the mac almost daily if not everyday, it was nice to look back and see what effect that Mac has had on the industry and as my graphic persuasion is type it was very interesting to see the effects.

    I felt after look at history and current trends that type is now becoming more about the visual style of the letter than the legibility and such to compete with the image lead culture we live in.

    Nice little blog as well Chris il be interested to see your website when its up and running too.

  2. Hi Dan, nice to hear from you again. Glad to see that bookbinding is still part of the offer over at Nottingham Trent. I am truly hooked (you may have noticed) and make at least two or three books a week!

    Your dissertation title sounds interesting – if you want to shown me any drafts as you write, or want to discuss any issues or details on the subject, you know where to come. The subject is certainly an issue – you only have to look at the amount of poorly designed freefonts being created (used!!!) and how young designers are so seduced by the variety on offer.

    Keep checking the blog – and pass it on – the more comments the better.

    Good luck with the dissertation Dan, and we may see you soon over in Nottingham…

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