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Double Booked!

double-book2Here’s another book made over the christmas break. I’ve tried this a couple of times before, but have not managed to get the all the measurements exactly right so it closes squarely on both sides. It’s only a small book, just 92 x 90mm. Each book has 7 signatures (112 pages) and along with the three cover boards, measures 30mm deep. It’s covered in smooth black 200gsm card and has charcoal grey endpapers with a standard cartridge paper stock for the pages. The cover paper was a little too thick really, but with careful folding and a fair bit of pressure it works. It also adds a little firmness to the folds at the spine, which it needs as it’s easy to let one side ‘drop’ when handling it.

This one was made for the hell of it, and I doubt I’ll make any others, but I may challenge myself to a 3 or 5 volume book later in the year! I’ve been looking for other examples of this type of book recently, and haven’t found any on the web so far (I’ve found loads of other stuff that is fantastic though!) Maybe it’s that this is such an unpractical book, or that it’s such a bugger to get right! If any one finds anything similar, let me know.


3 thoughts on “Double Booked!

  1. Farrow have recently designed a book that also uses a ‘z’ spine for clients ‘Bailey + Rankin”. The ‘z’ spine means the book can be read in both directions so their is no hierarchy between the two photographers. Thought you would be interested!

    1. Well spotted Jake. Was it just the z-fold that caught your eye? Those boffins at Farrow seem to be on the right stuff. I might see if I can get hold of one of these books. Just for professional interest, nothing more…

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