The Good Book

kingjamespicI’ve just uploaded some more high resolution images to Flickr – this time of a page from a first edition King James Bible from 1611. This came to me from a colleague who found it tucked inside a victorian Bible and asked a technical question on the method that may have been used to creat the horizontal and vertical rules. I recognised it from an old transparency I had from lecture I did a few years ago.

This is page from one of the first books to be printed in roman and blackletter faces, and also with italics used for the marginalia. It’s about 400 years old and it’s hanging in a frame above my desk!  A brief history of the King James Bible can be found here http://www.av1611.org/kjv/kjvhist.html  and some typographical observations can be read here http://kingjamesbible.info/printing-in-the-king-james-bible.php.

Anyway, these are really good images – download and zoom in for a look at the quality of the printing…

Many thanks to Pete for the page itself, and to Guy for the fantastic images.


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