Bring Me Sunshine

I have enjoyed watching the new PG Tips ad with Johnny Vegas (and the monkey, yes) and have explained to my kids how it is based on an old comedy sketch. Having laughed out loud at the ad on TV again this evening (yes, I know, I should get out more…) I decided to show them the original on youtube. Of course I howled with laughter. The kids didn’t and just wanted to know where the monkey was. A classic, humbled.
The PG Tips ad is quite a good pastiche though, and a huge improvement on those painful rainforest alliance ads – remember them? I thought not.
Any ideas for other pastiche ads? Or ideal celebrities for advertising – how about Simon Cowell doing the voice over for Money – “That is the worst car insurance quote I’ve seen all day. You couldn’t insure a car if your life depended on it.”Maybe not, but let’s hear your ideas…


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