Warning: Contains Nuts

The Scottish Hotel sketches were always a favourite of mine on Little Britain, and I’ve never been anywhere that has served any sort of cake (especially carrot cake) without muttering those lines. This usually involved breaking into one of those uncontrollable giggles that draw attention to you for all the wrong reasons, along with the occasional involuntary snort that will cause old ladies to peer over their bifocals reproachingly, hissing “well really!”

I must now point out some important information that the lovely Mrs. Lestaret brought to my attention. After purchasing  a sweet snack from Pret-a-Manger in Norwich yesterday she noticed the following information:


Conclusive evidence to the contrary. I believe we may have been somewhat misled by the irresponsible actions of these so-called ‘funnymen’ and I will be writing to the BBC demanding a refund of £1.39 from my licence fee.


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