First Quarter Review

It’s three months in and time for a brief look at the state of the blog. First, the obligatory statistics:

Blog duration 3 months/97 days
Entries 35
categories 13
comments 26
total number of views 1,251
highest number of views on one day 68 (Wednesday, March 18, 2009 – what were you doing?)
average number of views per day 28
most viewed entries Projects (84) followed by Where are you now? (70)
          (All statistics as of 3.30pm, Sunday 29 March)

Not bad for the first few months I guess. I’m quite encouraged by the amount of casual traffic the blog has had, given that I’ve not advertised it much. Not as many comments as I’d originally expected though. One or two of you are chipping in now and again, but I’d like to get a few more people regularly adding their two pence.

So, in the open spirit of the blogosphere, I would like a few comments about the blog to help me as I progress. What entries have you enjoyed and why? Is there any particular subject matter you would be willing to add your thoughts and ideas to? What else would you like to see on a blog like this? Also, if you are a silent blogger – you know, the type that reads lots of blogs (or just this one) but doesn’t contribute any comment, what might encourage you to become a bit more involved? (I guess that you won’t respond to this!!!)

I am going to continue the blog whether anyone is looking or not as I have found it quite a pleasant diversion from more pressing matters and am still enjoying worrying about what I might post each week. It’s odd though, putting all this stuff out there, a bit like shouting into the Grand Canyon and not getting an echo…


3 thoughts on “First Quarter Review

  1. I happened upon the link to this site recently and find it an interesting read. A highlight for me is Rant#2, dealing as it does with a hugely dominating aspect of the industry everybody has a hard time with.

    As an ex-student of yours, it’s also interesting to read about the work your current students are tackling, and particularly interesting to note that you still teach many aspects of the traditional craft of graphic design; skills sadly lacking amongst the majority of us designers working this Adobe-filtered modern age. It’s very easy to forget there’s a world beyond the confines of a computer screen and that there are other weapons in the designer’s armoury besides a mouse and keyboard. This website has been a good reminder.

  2. Cheers for the kind words Stu. You are so right about the confines of the screen – I’ve become so frustrated with it – 80% of my teaching is in the computer suite, so I’m really pushing the other stuff as much for for my own sanity! It’s great rediscovering the pleasures of using old skills, as well as trying stuff that’s outside of your regular comfort zone (look out for some ceramic work next month) and lets you use your hands just as much as your head.

    I’m also thinking about putting some unusual design challenges here – might I tempt you to get involved? (rediscovery is never far away!)

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