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CD Design #3

Monday 6 April Ok, so here are the notes I made after the last meeting when I discussed the colour monoprint image with Jon:
And these are the designs developed further and in presentation mode. Please note that these are not finished designs, but initial ideas to begin a more detailed dialog. Click on each of the images below for a larger view…



So I show Jon each of these today and talk through the thinking behind each one, and how I had responded to his original comments. Each of the designs reflects elements of the conversation we had, about earthtones and acid colours, high contrast and elements of classic record sleeve design. I’ll let you imagine where these apply – if anyone would like to add their critique at this point (deep breath) please feel free – I am interested in what others think of the designs, my approach in general (which I will reflect upon when the project ends) or the tone of this thread on the blog…

So Jon considers each one, and a discussion ensues, involving Ross, another musician, in which each of the designs was dissected, and I chipped in my comments wherever I felt necessary, but leaving them to banter between themselves, which gave me some interesting responses about practicalities of selling online (tiny thumbnails, no clarity, written info always given) and how musicians think about music packaging generally – Jon and Ross have both released a number of records over the years and are no strangers to this process.

Jon then gave me his ‘first official responses’ which I scrawled on a print later. You can read some of the notes on the larger image, just click…(yes, you know what to do now!)

Please note, not only has the record title changed, but I have not written it correctly! The upshot was that the two designs ticked were favoured most, but needed to be seen in other colours (not green-aargh!!) and the one with the (?) could be explored further without the perspective type. The three others were rejected on ‘looking too much like part of a box set’ (middle, top), ‘don’t like the type’ (middle, bottom), and ‘just not right for the music’ (right, bottom), which I expected, but I always like to put in a wild card as it often provokes other responses, and makes the client look again at the earlier designs. I’ve left the prints with Jon to consider some more and will be meeting him tomorrow to photograph some instruments for possible inclusion. No doubt there will be more to post…

5 thoughts on “CD Design #3

  1. I love the ghosted green illustration, with split type top & bottom. It feels more confident in tone, and the type seems to be working harder, rather than more ‘series’ based. Perhaps hand rendered out of white? How about some ghosting with close ups, like a macro-background type thing?

    I dig ol’ Blue Note!

  2. Thanks Chris, the blue note stuff is a great source of reference, not only for type and graphics, but the colours are a real source of inspiration. I’m setting up an Illustrator swatch called “Blue Notes” so I can keep exploring this …

    As for the designs, Jon also favoured the ghosted green design, but not green. I will have to look again an the type treatment as the title has changed – a little smaller, allowing for more space around the edge. My first experiments with it last night went quite well, but there’s more to be had from this I’m sure.

    Colour experiments and artwork setup to come soon…

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