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CD Design #4

Saturday 11 April Continued to work on colour schemes, sampling Blue Note sleeves (reds/blues/yellows as Jon preferred) and exploring transparency and overlay effects, looking for the best natural combination of colour, working with each other and allowing good contrast on black and white. This was set up as a swatch in Illustrator – I will add more colours at a later date – so I can select them as I would do with any of the swatches.


 I also set Illustrator files for the base artwork of a two-piece/eight page booklet and back insert and imported all the lyrics and sleeve notes, to get an idea of the space that the basic graphic content is needed and gauge the possibilities for composition with other possible images and photographs:


As you can see, there are a lot of lyrics to include, some of which are quite long. This will take some getting into place, as well as some sensitive typographic treatment.

I processed the images taken last week at Jon’s request, of some of the instruments he played on the recording, as well as his lyric notebooks too. There are a few good images here that would work well within the design:


I’m going to get back on to the actual design tonight and tomorrow, and hopefully have something to show Jon after the Bank Holiday.


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