Picture This!

Ok, so I haven’t done anything since the Obama poster (which didn’t get the kind of response I was after, but oh well!) so I thought I’d offer up a new image request – I’d like to make this a competition to encourage more participation, but until then it’s simply a request. What I’m looking for are…



Obviously, this must be a photograph of yourself taken by you at arms length. You can use any image capture device known to mankind, and if you’re feely saucy, you can manipulate them. But you might want to leave them raw. Capture yourself at any time of day doing anything; moving, sneezing, yawning, crying, eating – just make them interesting. Make sure that they are no larger than 276×276 pixels and 72dpi and named in this format skinnerchrisportrait.jpg (obviously using your own name!) or .png or .gif  and email them to me for inclusion. Please note that if you are sending me images, then you are giving me your consent to publish them on the web. Don’t send them if you don’t want them uploading. These images will only be used for this purpose and my own personal jocularity!

PS. The image above was taken a year ago with a crappy cameraphone and edited in PhotoShop. It’s a bit dull I know, but I will be taking some more and hopefully being more inventive than this…

PPS. Thanks to my brother Lee (who is a real master at the arms length portrait) for inspiring this theme.

ADDITIONAL – I will be giving away a unique handmade sketchbook for my favourite entry
T’s & C’s: My decision is final.


3 thoughts on “Picture This!

  1. I sooo could have got the best picture today. I could have submitted a photograph of me and my new love, Ken Garland. Went to a lecture today and the man is such an amazing speaker. and he likes small things 🙂 had lots of lovely little books and small paper items to show us all. I did speak to him afterwards but chickened out of asking for a photo… wish i hadn’t now.

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