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I’ve been getting my hands dirty! I’ve made a large ampersand from clay which is in the process of air drying. I’m so pleased with it I wanted to share it with you. Eventually, it will be fired and white glazed, which will allow the quality of the clay (krank clay – it’s very gritty) to come through, giving it a sort of toasted appearance.

It stands about 300mm high, and is around 55mm thick but will shrink by about 20% when dried and fired. It weighs quite a bit, but is hollow, having been formed out of slabs around 15mm thick. It is as neat on the inside as it is on the outside too – it looked nice in consruction, so I photographed it then:


And here’s a closer view. The holes and gaps are there to allow air to circulate and prevent empty enclosures which could crack when firing.


I’ll add more when it’s complete…

Hmmm. Graphic designers are known for their trainspotterish habits of identifying typefaces (just ask Mrs. Lestaret!) so go on then; what typeface is it?  First person to answer correctly wins this unique handmade letterform (H50mm, W55mm, D25mm) which will feature in a new series of upcoming entries.

hairy a

Yes, it is a bit hairy.

ADDITIONAL  Just to clarify that it’s the ampersand’s typeface I want you to identify, and not the ‘a’ which is Helvetica Black, obviously…

EVEN MORE ADDITIONAL! This has just been linked to from NOTCOT –  ( number #21734) …thanks Jake…


36 thoughts on “Ampersand!

  1. Also, the typeface of the A or the ampersand? Or is it the same one, and I’ve just gone and embarrassed myself already?!

  2. My first guess would be Baskerville in Bold. But I’m not completely sure with the line weights, and if the ‘a’ is also of the same typeface then it’s definitely not.
    You should put flowers in the ampersand when it has been fired.

  3. Nice try both of you, but it is definitely not Clarendon… Time to explore the hidden depths of your font folders!

    1. Dinnerware with ampersands – cool – I expect to be chasing peas around my plate for a long time!

      The ‘a’ is made from a cast (which will be included soon on the blog) and it is made from regular builders plaster mixed with jute fibres.

    1. Glad you like it Mattias, keep checking in on the blog as I have been making lots of letterforms out of all kinds of stuff…
      Say hi to the wife!

    1. We have a winner! Rosewood Fill it is! Well done Kristie, whas this a guess or are you a real typeaholic? Please watch for the next post…

    1. Sorry Alex, but the typeface has already been identified. Please see the previous comments. Thanks for taking part though…

  4. Brilliant! I am a little bit obsessed with ampersands at the moment and found this post whilst trawling the internet! I’m guessing it’s been finished by now…

  5. Hi, yes this is finished and I haven’t posted anything about it! It’s sat upon my kitchen table looking lovely as we speak… I’ll post something new next week.

  6. I used the hairy letter as reference for my college work. I did letters using string texture to look like wheat (fields and crop circle). Just thought you’d like to know your letters are appreciated.

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