I’ve been getting my hands dirty! I’ve made a large ampersand from clay which is in the process of air drying. I’m so pleased with it I wanted to share it with you. Eventually, it will be fired and white glazed, which will allow the quality of the clay (krank clay – it’s very gritty) to come through, giving it a sort of toasted appearance.

It stands about 300mm high, and is around 55mm thick but will shrink by about 20% when dried and fired. It weighs quite a bit, but is hollow, having been formed out of slabs around 15mm thick. It is as neat on the inside as it is on the outside too – it looked nice in consruction, so I photographed it then:


And here’s a closer view. The holes and gaps are there to allow air to circulate and prevent empty enclosures which could crack when firing.


I’ll add more when it’s complete…

Hmmm. Graphic designers are known for their trainspotterish habits of identifying typefaces (just ask Mrs. Lestaret!) so go on then; what typeface is it?  First person to answer correctly wins this unique handmade letterform (H50mm, W55mm, D25mm) which will feature in a new series of upcoming entries.

hairy a

Yes, it is a bit hairy.

ADDITIONAL  Just to clarify that it’s the ampersand’s typeface I want you to identify, and not the ‘a’ which is Helvetica Black, obviously…

EVEN MORE ADDITIONAL! This has just been linked to from NOTCOT –  ( number #21734) …thanks Jake…

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