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Update on Many Subjects

Arms Length Self-Portrait Update

Well’ after much deliberation and several bottles of wine, I have decided to award Pippa the prize for my favourite arms length self portrait:

Pippa Eyles

 I chose this one as it a) seemed very uncharacteristic of her (she’s an ex-student) and b) it made me smile. Well done Pip, I’ll be intouch via email in order to send you your prize. It is this specially made hardback sketchbook, which I know you probably won’t ever use:

book prize 1

Ampersand Update

The ampersand is now glazed and fired and is currently sitting on my dining room table. I will be photographing it properly this time, and I’ve a mind to shoot on location at the beach (when the weather picks up again!) It is a very satisfying object to look at (even Mrs. Lestaret likes it) and even more satisfying to hold;  it’s quite heavy and very highly textured, with sharp edges and smooth lines. I have plans to make a series of these – watch this space!

Letterforming Update

No new ‘a’s have been made since the Raku firing, but I’m still planning to make a glass and metal version before too long. There will be another post on this project when these have been done. I have made moulds of some odd peices of wood type though and made a couple of plaster casts, but I’m not quite sure how to progress with these yet. I may play with the plaster casts and see what evolves…

CD Design Update

On Friday, Jon Lawrence proudly handed me the first copy of ‘The Inbetween Worlds’. I intend to write an evaluation on the design for Jon to respond to now that all is complete.

Other stuff

The etching of my Dad (see projects) was exhibited at this years College Exhibition as part of the Evening Printmaking Workshop I did in September-December. I am very proud to exhibit my work alongside such creative and experimental colleagues. Many thanks to Nick for his excellent teaching and all his work in setting up the exhibition.

I’ve been trawling the car boot sales for old books with embossed covers and made some rubber moulds. So far I have cast a couple of plaster ones: (here’s one I broke earlier!)

plaster cover

 and a couple of slip (liquid clay). I intend to use them as book covers using a technique called Belgian Secret Binding which allows for separate spines to be attached. Heres a sampler made from regular book materials:


I shall be exploring some glazing and firing techniques and hope to have some books made before the end of July.


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