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Letterforming #3


It seems my adventures in letterforming have been of some interest, so I will post some more images as requested. The rubber one above is there to show the scale again, as well as to show the softness of the materials Mmm, rubber…

fronts and back

Backs and fronts , obviously. These are just the ones glazed with the Peter Beard Barium Blue (which is a bit of a favourite)  I like the contrast between them. It reminds me of the analogy of the duck gliding serenely across the pond, whilst beneath the water the feet are furiously paddling away! In some of the backs you can see how they are constructed as well as the texture of unglazed ceramic. You can see these a bit larger if you click on them.

fronts and back 2

Another set,  chosen for the difference between back and front, as well as a plaster one on the right which has been burnished with fake gold leaf (badly!) These aren’t the best quality images and they still don’t give enough detail on the surface qualities, so here’s a small selection…


No descriptions. These are here just to look at at the textures and details. The fourth one is also a taste of the next batch of letters that are raku fired


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