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Second Quarter Review

It’s about six months in and time for another look at the state of the blog. We must always begin with the obligatory statistics:
stats six months
A huge improvement on the first quarter, largely because Jake submitted the ampersand and letterforming entries to Notcot (where the big numbers come from) but the blog is generally getting about double the daily traffic than in the first quarter. Each day, there are a handful of clicks from Notcot and welovetypography, as well as regular clicks from artecast (brazil) alucinogena (chile) stumbleupon, twitter and the wordpress homepage (featured in the top 100 growing blogs, no less). If you put aside the two peaks in March and May (highest number of views on one day 1,228 — Tuesday, May 26, 2009, average number of views per day 54, most viewed entries Letterforming#1 (2230) followed by Ampersand (1487) – All statistics as of 9.30pm, Sunday 21 June), much of the site activity has doubled during the last few months.

I am pleased with the amount of external interest, as well as the kind comments many of you have left against various entries, but also from students and ex-students who tell me they are reading regularly but have not yet felt the desire to contribute. That’s ok. In your own good time.

It seems then, that the blog will continue.  I have a number of current projects coming to fruition over the next month or so and will post more images of new work, work in progress (I have had some good feedback on the step by step projects) and one or two experiments. I will be preparing new teaching  materials for the new academic year during the summer and getting to grips with Adobe CS4, so there will probably be some more digital work posted, as well as one or two rants about various design stuff. I will also post another competition or two for the Picture This area. Keep watching…

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