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Many an old tune…

I recently blagged a few old piano keys from Matt. I don’t know why I wanted some, but I was moved by the beauty of Matt’s FMP and his use of frames to stage a viewpoint. The dismembered piano was fascinating (you don’t think about the other end of the keys) and guess I just wanted to have some to look at, handle and be inpired by. Here are some images I took earlier this evening, presented as a series of Polaroids – please don’t ask why.


2 thoughts on “Many an old tune…

  1. Gorgeous! 🙂

    I’m currently procrastinating from my work. Which is due in at 12 noon tomorrow. Slap me Chris, slap me! It’s ok, I made a to do list and actually have less to do than I first thought. Good times. And now I’m attempting to justify my procrastination. Tired. Waffling.

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