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Further Adventures in Letterforming


Over the past month or so, during lunchtimes and after work, I have been beavering away in the workshop, continuing exploring letterforms in clay. The roman ‘g’  pictured above is the first in what I hope will become a series, of sunken or embedded letterforms. I’m working at a scale of around 35cm length here, but you get little sense of that here. I’ll take the next batch of images in recogniseable spaces to show the scale. This one will be reduction fired to bring out the brown grit of the krank clay, and emphasize the white slip erm… ‘guano’. It is designed to sit on a reflective surface for a retro ‘Vision On’ effect! 

x unfired

This majestic Playbill X was an exercise in creating an angled 3D form, tapering from around 55mm at the base to 10mm at the top. It’s just bisque fired at the moment, ready for a glaze finish, but I’m not sure of which way to go yet. I’m thinking about a glossy blue glaze that will give the surface a smoother finish in places, whilst allowing the grittiness of the clay to come through on the edges. X marks the spot.

ligature unfired

Mmm. Nice. Another unfinished one, this time an elegant ligature ‘fi’. I guess I’m a little impatient and excitable about these, posting them unfinished, with no process shown etc, but I thought you’d enjoy them at this stage too. This one I’ve given a coating of black oxide today, which when fired will give this a look of old blackened cast iron. Again, you cant see the scale here, but if you consider the crossbar to be around 15mm you’ll get the picture.

I’ve got some other stuff in progress too, but feel that I’ve neglected my bookbinding for too long, so I will finish these off over the summer and maybe start something new in a couple of months.

5 thoughts on “Further Adventures in Letterforming

  1. Wow! Genuinely beautiful.

    It seems weird to say that, and yet natural!

    Design and typography has long taken over my soul.

    1. Thanks Jake, all these projects have a profound effect on me. I have rediscovered things about myself I had long since forgotten. I consider my soul as a tangle of interwoven letterforms, writhing frenetically, like eels in a net being lifted from the water…

  2. Sweet! The “g” has come out really nice.
    Quite keen on the clay texture as well.
    Did you paint the ligature at all?

    I think it’s safe to say that I second that Jake!

  3. Cheers Luis.
    The ligature has been bisque fired and given a thick coat of black oxide, which when fired should give a blackened cast iron feel. I’ve got to wait until September to get that fired though. D’oh!

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