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Competition Time!

Winner of the crappy font/logo competition

From 13 entries there emerges a winner! This was really difficult as they were all really good and worthy of recognition. Initially, my idea was to choose my favourite on the basis of its ability to make me smile. Unfortunately for me, they all did. So the winner was chosen on the basis of my own opinion out of a strong field:

Stuart Ritson
Stuart Ritson

Out of all the crappy fonts used, I guess any of the Frakturs are the most abused. I love the way thay the font has become synonymous with gangsta culture (kulcha?) and then re-assigned to the most kitsch of worldwide brands.

Well done Stu, I will make a book especially for you… email me with a mail address.
Thanks to everyone for entering – all submissions were worthy of winning.

New Competition!


This next competition is (as you may have already guessed!) to come up with the designers ‘perfect shortcut’ key! Just take a pic of your keyboard (or use my image above) and use a bit of know how to insert a shortcut key that graphic designers would use. It could be serious, funny or ridiculous.

Make sure that they are no larger than 276×276 pixels and 72dpi and named in this format skinnerchristypo.jpg (obviously using your own name!) or .png or .gif  and email them to me for inclusion. If you are sending more than one image, please add a number to them also.  Please note that if you are sending me images, then you are giving me your consent to publish them on the web. Don’t send them if you don’t want them uploading. These images will only be used for this purpose and my own personal jocularity.

I’ll pick a winner on Monday 3rd August… I’ll custom make another sketchbook for the winner. Best of luck, and pass the word around…


5 thoughts on “Competition Time!

  1. I had a look at the entries, all highly amusing. It’s interesting to see how a simple font change completely alters the message of a logo. I know it was a bit of fun but it certainly highlights the importance of typography. Okay, that’s something none of us ever doubted, but exercises like this are a great way to illustrate to less design-minded people why we do what we do, and how there’s more to it than simply making ‘pretty pictures’.

  2. I had a similar thought which I may expand upon eventually, but it occurred to me that this exercise actually is quite interesting on an emotional level, that we are in fact changing the tone-of-voice, positioning and perception in one gritty-punky move. Moreover, that this also brings up the question of legibility, and to what level you can change a brand’s visual language, yet still retain recognition… even when changing the meaning or characters altogether:

    We all understand that a logo is only one communication of a brand story, one touch-point in the overall look of a company. But because of the evolving way we interact with brands, logos, software app icons (iPhone for example) and brand packaging often become the first judgement call for the consumer – making these symbols and trade marks increasingly valuable as a marketing tool.

    Some more reading from Brand Republic about emotional branding:

  3. These are really good – it shows that designers are very aware of how the visual elements of logos are more connected with the emotional part of the brain rather than the purely rational.

    I know that this is an old trick, but I still enjoy seeing it done well. Guilty pleasures…

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