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What the F…riday!


Don’tcha just love money? I mean, we all like the spending stuff obviously, but the design of paper money has always been a fascination of mine (a closet notaphilist?) and I have recently bought a number of banknotes from around the work for a possible book project. Now that I have these wonderful things in hands, I am loath to do anything destructive with them, particularly the old ones. The earliest is shown here; a German twenty mark note from 1914 (detail above). The two sides below are shown as thumbnails but are very large scans so you can get in real close.



I guess the other extreme  note I have here is a one hundred trillion dollar bill from Zimbabwe, just before they re-adjusted the values. Not a particularly interesting design, but I felt the desire for a large demonination, you know how these things can get you?


zimbabwe reverse


2 thoughts on “What the F…riday!

  1. Hi Chris,

    Have you seen the film Die Fälscher / the counterfeiters?

    It’s a very good film out only a few years ago. All about how the Nazi’s brought together in their POW camps the best graphic designers, engravers, print makers etc to copy the English pound note.

    Worth a watch for sure if you haven’t!

  2. Hi Sam, no I haven’t seen it, but I’ll look out for it – sounds like my cup of tea! I have got one or two more old banknotes too – one is single sided! I may put more images up soon…

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