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What I Did On My Holidays


Just got back from a brief sojourn into deepest Suffolk and whilst Uppercase and Lowercase were busy making sandcastles and trying to keep wasps off their ice creams, I brought a little order to the chaos of the beach. This ensemble of pebbles was gathered within a couple of metres from the Lestaret encampment and forms an almost perfect A4. The image below shows the general scale (I used a little tourist leaflet as a guide) and has not been modified in any way.


It was difficult to gauge the accuracy because of the undulations in the sand – I only smoothed it out a little – but I was very proud of this minor beach composition.


I also made many Goldsworthy style compositions at various locations along Southwold beach, along with a fine pyramid.

beach 1

beach 2

All this was done to the backdrop of a deeply embarrased wife (“Oh why can’t you build an ordinary bloody sandcastle like all the other Dads?”) and two rather bemused offspring who began to build less predictable structures in the days that followed (Hurrah!).

Normal service is unlikely to resume…


4 thoughts on “What I Did On My Holidays

    1. Oh Man! This guy is good – I’ve not seen anything like this! Puts my handfull of pebbles to shame! I’ve got to try harder next year…

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