‘Press’ing On

Ok, enough of the lame press gags in the title! Spent a little more time cleaning up this evening; I gave the base a good sanding with some 60 grade paper, and a lathering of the salt and vinegar mix I used yesterday. Probably about 30 minutes in total until I was gagging at the smell again. A wash down with clean water and a fully dried, I got a look at what was underneath the rust – a lightly ribbed surface with no dents or major flaws. To be honest, I had expected it to be in poorer condition, so the restoration gets better each time!


I then decided to see if I could bring the brass handles back to life. I had read somewhere that these were sometimes brass plated rather than solid brass, so before I did anything,  checked with a magnet – it won’t stick to solid brass, but will if it’s plated. Solid brass they are!

I rubbed away with various cloths at first, to see if a little elbow grease would bring up the shine, without any success, so I gently rubbed it over with some 600 grade wet and dry paper. Here’s a before and after:

press 14

The metal shines up well, and reveals all the dents and scars it has accumulated in it’s life. I’m pretty pleased with the results.

As I said in my last entry, I have only cleaned one side as it is very heavy, so I hope to get some good comparitive shots when I turn it around…


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