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What the F…riday!

skinners cream3

It’s time to meet the family and sample my cream! (sorry, that really wasn’t necessary, but I couldn’t resist). I had a visit from a dear friend and colleague Hilary on Wednesday who gave me this little leaflet. It’s a promotional piece that came with a cream making machine from way back when – they do pop up on ebay occasionally, and apparently quite collectable. I can’t remember whether she said she still had the machine, but she had kept this promo leaflet. Any guesses why she gave it to me?


Anyway, this thing is great! Do you think Great Aunt Zena would make it into todays marketing?



And if anyone is wondering about what the cream maker actually is, check it out here.

bel cream maker


One thought on “What the F…riday!

  1. Finally tracked you down, you old devil you! Looks like you’ve been exceptionally busy. Funny thing, returned to printmaking last night and produced an etching of some feathers… just seen your printed feather – uncanny! Glad to see you tracked down the Bel cream maker. We had one – my mother in law’s – she swore by it (think of the possibilities). I parted company with it a few years ago – kicking myself now….

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