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Press Update

After a couple of days off from the stinking vinegar smells in the garage, I was ready to begin again. As I was turning it around to clean the other side, I noticed that when the press was fully down, one of the arms raised up slightly:


Fearing the worst after such good luck with the rest of the project, I carefully tipped it onto its side for a look beneath and again was surprised to see it in such good condition – just a bit of surface rust:


I gave the underside a good scrub with the wire brush and got rid of the most of the loose flakes. I’ll get some rust inhibitor and give it a coat later on.  The big bolts that fastened the arms were good too, and the loose one tightened up ok. Well, it was a bit of a job because I didn’t have a socket big enough to fit, and even if I did this would be an imperial size and not fit properly. So out with the trust spanners and dogs and gave it as good as I could.


The arm is now flush with the base and stays that way when the press is fully closed, but I bet I’ll have to do it up again soon.


So on with the cleaning. Same process as before with the vinegar, salt and wire wool. Oh, and the elbow grease…


There was still a lot of paint splashes on this side that needed scraping off:


Not a great picture, but after cleaning up the space around the press, I gave the bare metal surfaces with the press a coat of liquid wax. I found this tip on an Australian blog that demonstrates ways to maintain power tools, bench saws and the like. I’d like to link it here but I’ll be jiggered if I can find it again.


Again with the elbow grease. Another two coats followed:


So the thing is clean and ready for a lick of paint.


At the hardware store I use I had a bit of a wierd panic over choosing the right colour. I had intended to repaint it black like the original, but came over all indecisive when confronted with the choice of pillarbox red and racing green. Sure, the green would have been really nice with the brass gleaming, but I had one of those ‘little devil on the shoulder’ moments; “go on, you know you want to paint it red.” and the little angel on the other shoulder imploring “you’ll regret it, you know you will.” I bought black.


It went on very nicely, thankyou very much, and I think I made the right choice of colour too:



But there may be a need for a second coat as the gold lines show through a little, but I’ll look at that again when it’s dry:


Ten O’clock, and I’ve had enough for today. I don’t want to begin painting the larger surfaces while I’m tired, so I’ll clean up and head back indoors to see if Mrs.Lestaret still recognises me. Looks nice though, eh?



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