Parthenocissus Tricuspidata








What can I say? Autumn is upon us in a big way and I can’t help being affected by the changing colours. I have been documenting the ‘turn’ of my Boston Ivy over the last month, photographing the same patch each morning and afternoon to chart the changes in colour. I aim to compile these as an animation and post them here when all thoughts of autumn are gone, the depressing, dismal stretch of winter sets in, and we need a burst of colour to cheer us up!

This evening as I arrived home I was amazed at the spread of colours on the one plant, so I swiftly plucked a handful of leaves and scanned them. Being a bit of a graphic designer geek (OK – a lot of a geek!) I also Pantone matched them. I first used the median filter, set to 100% in PhotoShop to create a more standardised colour field, then sampled the broadest sweeps of colour to capture the Pantone colour:


OK – this is not a scientific method as the filter uses all of the pixels, including the white highlights, but I feel that they are honest enough to pass muster.

Anyway, enjoy the colour around you before it’s gone… remember, this is nature’s last ‘Hurrah!’

ADDITIONAL – check out Chris Glass’  blog from 2006. I feel like I’ve been really naughty!


5 thoughts on “Parthenocissus Tricuspidata

  1. Beautiful colours Chris. I’m working at howies at the moment in wales and have to cycle through the hills back to my accomodation each day. I’ve noticed a big change of colour in the sky change as the nights have been drawing in. If it’s still light enough when I leave I’ll try and snap a shot of the sunset over the river that I pass to compare against your leaves.

    Autumn sunsets and leaves.

    Hope all is well.

  2. Ow wow! Chris Glass is really the man! He actually matched them though – proper colour chips too, not like my computer generated efforts! (I did make a quick note of the date of both our posts though and he beat me to it by 3 years!) Damn!

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