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Reading List


Robert Brownjohn: Sex and Typography: 1925-1970 Life and Work by Emily King and Alan Fletcher
The Vivisector by Patrick White
Burning Bright by Tracy Chevalier


6 thoughts on “Reading List

  1. This is my favorite ever design book. It’s not your normal heavy going book with masses to read and pictures to look at, but instead has light hearted snippets from people who knew him during his life, which i think gives a much better insight into how his mind worked – even if it did involve getting high on drugs with famous celebrities! A very worth while read!

    1. Brownjohn was a rock’n’roll designer. His design work stands up on its own and needs no fanfare or apology. The drugs part is a cautionary tale for any creative person – it sounds glamourous to read about people like Brownjohn, but in reality he was a junky, just the same as any other. The tone of voice of most of the contributors is clearly admirational and respectful, but you can tell they were all fed up with it at the end.

      What’s the moral here? Live fast, die young? Better to burn brightly for a short while that be an ineffectual glow in the dark? I don’t know, but I don’t need to tell you that the boy could come come up with a good idea!

      It’s kind of sad that modern life does not through up as many real mavericks any more. Lots of safe, good workaholics, but not many superstars…

      Speaking of which, Neville Brody is giving a lecture on 25th November – check out D&AD’s website: website

      See you there!

  2. Yes, but I think Brody has been a bit ‘hobbled’ by becoming famous quite young and has spend quite a long time trying to be less famous as a designer and more relevant as a person – his lectures on design and humanity/ecology/poverty given around the world are pretty awesome; the guy has good ideas and a real concience, but will always be known for his early work during the early/mid-nineties. Indeed, in a general graphic design book published by Taschen last year, Brody’s Research Studios were included amongst the top innovators in the discipline. The images that accompanied it were of mid-nineties work for Fuse!

    Don’t get me wrong Jodie, Brody is a real design legend for me – he was the first real graphics superstar for me as I was just starting in my career and I am quite excited about attending the lecture later this month – I really want him to live up to my expectations! This is because I met Malcolm Garrett a couple of years ago and I was very underwhelmed and disappointed by the experience. I guess I expected much more from him because of how my own career was ‘coloured’ and romanticised by him, Brody, and a handful of others I will probably blog about soon! (Thanks for the inspiration!)

    I know we shouldn’t put people upon pedestals, but we do!

    I wish more people would contribute like this Jodie – it’s really good to share thoughts, feelings and experiences like this. Pass the word around, eh?

    When are you back in King’s Lynn then? You know you are always welcome…

  3. It is a shame others don’t contribute! It’s definitely good to hare opinions. When do you break up for xmas? ive got some time of in december, so could swing by for a coffee 🙂

  4. We finish on 17th December. Not sure if this fits your schedule, but we could meet up over Christmas anyway. Do you have my mobile number?

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