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Wheeee! Bang! Whoosh!


The Lestarets, along with a few friends (and pretty much the rest of King’s Lynn by the looks of it!)  headed out to The Walks this evening for the bonfire and fireworks display. Great company, great fireworks and some fairly decent photographs too:





And while I was peering into the flames, I started to take notice of the fairground rides on the other side of the park:



And this one was taken through the heat haze of the bonfire (just visible at the bottom) of the flashing sign of ‘The Meteorite.’ I took a good half a dozen shots to try and capture the whole word, but this one was the best with just part of the ‘R’ missing.



Ah, bonfire night, the night of the long exposure…


3 thoughts on “Wheeee! Bang! Whoosh!

  1. O0O0Ooohh very nice. Like the fairground ones very much. Very 1982 Caberet Voltaire video. Text through fire has a lot of good ideas in it. Again in the eighties text was photographed through water a fair bit.

  2. I know what you mean! I’ve just scrubbed around youtube and got a real blast from the past! These guys were really big in Sheffield just before The Human League/ABC thing happened in the 80’s and always remained more underground. Ah! The 80’s! Big hair, Shoulder pads, northern clubs! Magic!

  3. We got half way to the big bonfire event before I realised I’d left the camera sat on the table at home.

    Doh, and now I’ve seen this, double doh that I missed the opportunity to take some of my own.

    Nice shots.

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