Just In Case


Another little handmade sketchbook I finished last month, 135 x 100mm casebound with red buckram cloth on the coverboards. This was inspired by a very frustrating experience. I usually pick up my eldest daughter from gymnastics class one evening a week, and will go an hour earlier to watch, think, write and sketch over a big mug of very strong black coffee (caffienated – but don’t tell Mrs. Lestaret!). I often write quite a bit of content for this blog, or expand on ideas in progress, or doodle inconsequencially. One particular evening I arrived early at the viewing area with my hot mug of joe, sketchbook and trusty fineliner to find that my trusty fineliner wasn’t as trusty as I had originally thought. S**T! I nipped out to the car to see if I had left it there, or to pick up another from the glovebox (always prepared!) but there wasn’t a single pen or pencil to be had (always prepared – ha!). B******s! I returned and asked to borrow a biro from the lady on reception, who seemed to think that I had asked if I could have a look at her underwear given the response she gave me. Honestly, these municipal facilities must go out of their way to hire officious, miserable little people to work in them. Miserably, I returned to my seat, sipped my lukewarm coffee (I daren’t ask for it to be re-heated!) and sat clutching a sketchbook with no way of making use of it. I vowed never to be in this situation again, and thus, the integrated sketchbook/pencil combo was concieved!


It has a double cover, firstly opening from the right, which reveals the pencil:


The inner cover opens to expose the book block:


The pages are deckle edged on a creamy marbled paper:


I do love blade sharpened pencils over over the traditional conical ‘pencil sharpener’ ones:


The pencil is attached with a ribbon loop glued into the spine:


And here’s a close up of the deckle edges again. These were created by tearing each one against a roughened metal strip:


I really like this book. It’s not perfect as I had not  accounted for the extra length needed for the endpaper inside the inner cover, but I can live with that. Although I was frustrated at the time that this book was ‘concieved,’ I am happy that things can turn out well from these little domestic dramas. I got a neat little book out of this, and the lady on reception still looks like Mrs. Puff from Spongebob Squarepants! Serves her right – it was only a biro!

Oh F**k! I meant to edit out the swearing, or at least apologise. Sorry, but this will become clearer next week…


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