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Type Swears

“Type Swears” © 2009 Lestaret

Is a set of limited edition hand—printed postcards of linocut letterforms that will allow you to express yourself typographically and acceptably, even in polite company.

Using the two asterisk cards good, old−fashioned expletives such as F**K, W**K, S**T, P**S and C**T are all easily created. There is even an extra ‘T’ so that you can also make T**T!  Swearing has never been so much fun!

Insult family, friends—and your boss—elegantly and exclusively.

This is what I’ve been doing in there!


Each pack contains 10 postcards on 190gsm matt white stock, with the letters F, K, W, S, P, C, two T’s and two *’s, all bundled up in a special ‘Lestaret’ screenprinted paper wrapper!

There are 4 digitally printed background colours and as each pack will contain a different combination of these colours along with the variations you would expect from this type of hand printing, each pack will be truly unique.

There are only 16 packs available, each numbered to indicate their exclusivity.

“But where can I get hold of a pack of Type Swears?” I hear you say. Well, click on this link to my online shop, where you can purchase your very own set – a great gift for the typoholic in your life this Christmas, or as a little treat for yourself – you’re worth it!


7 thoughts on “Type Swears

  1. I love these and would send them to my sister every now and then and let her spell out what she wanted. She would love that. But I’m skint and don’t love her that much. haha.

  2. Ha Ha! You’ve got the right idea though! I was thinking of sending a few random swears out this christmas to people who I don’t like, but I couldn’t think of any, and wouldn’t like to send them anything nice anyway!

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