What the F…riday!


Another little eBay splurge! I’m not a stamp collector but after acquiring my own little press, these fellows caught my eye. These are really hi-res scans so you can get into the details a bit.

stamp1 stamp3 stamp4 stamp2

These were issued  on September 29 1976 to commemorate the 500th anniversary of British printing  and William Caxton, who first introduced printing to England, in 1476. He set himself up as a successful merchant in Flanders and translated books into English in his leisure hours and it is likely that he thought of printing as an alternative to having his translations laboriously copied.

I have already stated that I am not a collector, so if any keen philatelists are reading and I have made a mistake, please let me know!


5 thoughts on “What the F…riday!

  1. Oooo stamps! Im not a stamp collector either but i do have a small collection! I now feel compelled to dig them out and study them again.

    I did a project whilst at Uni to design a set of stamps, so went out to the local market and brought quite a few! My particular favourites is a Battle of Britain set designed in 1964 (seen here I love the simplicity of the simple outlined images – and that they are so dynamic and powerful! I even love the designers cheekyness of illustrating the sinking german plane in the water as the british planes fly overhead!

    Thanks for re-igniting my love of stamp design!

  2. Thanks Jodie,
    these Battle of Britain stamps are great – I love the camouflage colour scheme and the transparency of the inks. The middle one on the top row is really dynamic.

    There is only one with the Queens head on though – I always thought that it was compulsory. Do you know anything about that?

  3. I think there is no shame in appreciating the art form that is the stamp – it so difficult to design something in such a small space that I feel we as designers perhaps have a respect for those who have done it very successfully! Thanks again for inspiring me to dig out my collection, who knows i may even add to it!

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