Bookbinding Project

I’ve recently been asked if I could recover this old science book. It’s a lovely old thing, from around the mid-1800’s measuring 247 x 188 x 63mm, without either front and back coverboards and endpapers. The spine is intact though, and retains a lot of old loose material that will need careful removing before any new stuff goes on. The stitching appears sound, which is something; I don’t think I could quite manage a full re-bind at this size yet.

It will take a while to complete, so I intend to log it carefully and post it here in stages. I need to do a little more research before I start stripping back the spine, and buy some new supplies in order to repair the first few pages, which are beginning to tear at the spine as it is being handled without the protection of the coverboards.

I thought I would show some  images of the content as the quality of the engravings is very, very good. Enjoy.

This plate shows a very complex carpet weaving machine which is beautiful in itself, but I particularly like the extravagantly bewhiskered gent and his good lady as she inspects the pattern of the carpet and he tries to suppress his undesirable Victorian urges…

There are pages full of these great little diagrams, surrounded by lots of complicated looking formulae, which to me, looks like a foreign language…

This plate is amazing, with a tiny but elegant inscription.

There are a number of maps too, that fold out and show some beautifully rendered details. Too many to show here, but I could sit and pore over these for hours…

The pages are marbled on the edges, but much of the red/brown colour has faded.

Mmm. Dog-eared! Character.

I’ll soon have it covered.

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