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French Letters

Check out this great french website inspirations-typographiques-francaises to see more of these beautiful pastishe ads. The whole site is entirely in french, but with the helpful Googletranslate to hand, relatively good translations can be made. The text accompanying these images reads:

I propose today to discover the work of StarType, a former typographer who has been the lead time and worked in many printing companies to evolve and become a graphic designer later.

His love for the fine print did not etiolated then completed his work, he continues to pleasure, to create projects of all kinds: posters, labels medicinal ads etc …

Revisiting some old ideas from the golden age of advertising that promised miracles at every moment, his creations very oriented style “true-false-old, and strongly tinged zaniness does not lack a certain malice! Slang, fun to read the labels, you’ll find plenty of humor …

A true inspiration, you can admire some of these works below are true re-creations blended with visions of words and terms of the time. You will not find better resources of old French labels for your compositions!

I’m sure you can get the drift from that! I love this sort of rough translators. I hope someone in Paraguay translates something of mine and gets:

There is a frog in my bidet and the calculation engine needs a light polish before typographic shenanigins occur.

I really need to get out more.


3 thoughts on “French Letters

  1. Nice find!

    I’ve been working on a piece this last week which required some original hand lettering examples to show the benefits of commissioning letterforms to a client.

    Here are some really wonderful examples of true design craft which really add ownership and individualism to the designs. No stock fonts here, each project is original.

    I love the human quality to it all. Whenever I have created some bespoke type, it has always been based on a typeface or added an element of visual wit whereas this has always seemed a separate craft to me, something more artistic than graphic perhaps. But of course the idea of hiring a lettering artist for a design or guiding them to a style of brief will ultimately come from the designer on a project ( in the branding world (where I live)).

  2. Nice links Chris – I really like to see hand lettering commercially applied. I have a book of guidelines for in-store graphics from the mid 1940’s, that I might scan and upload before too long.

    Also try for lots of new stuff…

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