My Type of Present!

Earlier this week my eagerly awaited christmas present to myself (bought with money sent as gifts from my wonderful in-laws) arrived. I have been bidding on some woodtype sets for the past month but getting outbid each time, just over my self-imposed limit. I call this the Yorkshire limit – up to £X’s but much less if possible! I set the limit after a  bit of research and checking out the going rate and decide what I’m willing to pay, including postage. Not a penny over. I was disappointed to be outbid the last time as the characters were a little larger and hand cut, even if they contained only A-Z.

Another search and I found these with a couple of days to go. So around mid afternoon last friday, I became the proud owner of a fine set of wood type in a handsome bold grotesque. Some are unused and there are plenty of vowels and common charcters. It will after christmas before I will get printing with these, but expect to see some typographic tomfoolery before the year is out!


6 thoughts on “My Type of Present!

  1. Nice! Time to get a bit more fruity with the type swears! (or PMS Reflex Blue). On another note, have you seen the Sherlock Holmes new UK movie poster? I find it a nice twist on the usual ‘wanted’ movie poster by showing some nice hot metal…

    Also, in London they have created mini posters to replace the tile patterns at Baker St… you know, the smoking Holmes graphic. I wish the graphics were less ‘Holywood’ and more a twist on ‘Transport for London’, but a nice idea anyways


    1. Ha! Yes – I’ll have to spell out the full word – no asterixes! Methinks a world swears series next, with swear words in different languages!

      I was looking at this ad in the weekend supplements – the first thing I noticed was the metal type – I wonder if that is just a contrivance, or whether the storyline has print-related themes?

      It is certainly good to see something different coming out of Hollywood, but I can’t help but think that it is a deliberately gay version; the two lead characters look terribly saucy and pleased with themselves, as if they’ve been up to something they shouldn’t have – Sherlock seems to trying to conceal an bit of a stiffy! It must be sort of a “Colin and Justin do Victoriana” type thing!

      I can just imagine the immortal words “Elementary, my dear Waston.” followed by a very camp response of “Lemon? With these curtains? No, no, NO!”

      I really need to get out more…

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