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The Book Of Lies

So here it is. The ‘Book of Lies.’ Or, if you want to get pedantic about it, it’s a book for lies. Made of antique papers and getting the first use out of my new woodblock type, this is one of the two small books I made earlier this week. The first of 2010.

It measures a dainty 100 x 63mm and it’s cover boards are covered in a smooth black paper with black letters printed directly on, giving a light embossing on the surface.

Its endpapers are made from the last scrap of a sheet of antique hand marbled paper I bought for another binding job.

The inner pages have been cut from rescued blank pages from the back of a couple of very old books and have yellowed beautifully and are liberally strewn with speckles and age marks.

It is one of two and I intend to keep and fill the other. What with you ask? With lies, of course. Not my own, oh no, but yours. If you would like to have the book pictured above, you can. It’ll cost you though. One Lie. That’s all.

I don’t want any old lies though. I don’t want you to tell me that you didn’t eat any breakfast this morning when you said you did, or that it was you who ate the last Jammy Dodger that was promised to your loved one. I want something a little juicier. You might want to think of this as an opportunity to ‘fess up publicly to something that has been niggling at your conscience. A sort of Jerry Springer opportunity, but without the fighting, bad hair and incestuous relatives.

There have to be some rules though I guess. This blog is for public consumption and I don’t want to get either of us into trouble. So if your lie involves someone else, change their name, or don’t mention it at all. If it involves breaking the law in any way, don’t give away any incriminating evidence! If it is a lie from the distant past, give me an idea of how old you were or how long ago it happened.

Of course, if you respond to this, you are giving me your consent to publish your lies on this blog, as well as adding them to the sister book which may (or may not) be publicly viewed at some point in the future. I will not publish names against any submissions, but remember, your blog responses will show your web name and I can’t stop that. I don’t mind if you submit under a false name. It will probably be best if you do!

So who wins? The person who submits what I consider my favourite lie. It’s personal opinion I’m afraid. My say-so is final. I’ll announce the winner on 1st February and ask you contact me directly via email so that I can mail ot your book. What you do with it is entirely up to you…


6 thoughts on “The Book Of Lies

  1. “No, its not mine, my friend left them on the table and i picked them up for him to keep them safe. I didnt see him again before i left to give them back to him. I will return them next time i see him”

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