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Return Of The 3D Letterforms

It’s been a long time coming, but my ceramic ligature has finally been fired! I’m not going to go into why it’s taken so long as I am SO pleased with it now that I have it back! I posted an entry about these (there are three of them) not long after making them last June with a description of what I intended to do with the glazing.

My original description of the black oxide finish was of ‘old blackened cast iron’ but these close-ups suggest  something more akin to asphalt.

They were constructed from slabs of krank clay and assembled in a similar way to the ampersand that I made in May. (More of which later)

Ok, so how big is it? The image above shows it alongside a standard memory stick for a visual scale, but it measures 405mm between its extremities, 40mm across the main stroke of the ‘f’, and 55mm deep. It is hollow inside and has a carefully placed hole on the back to vent the hot air from inside whilst firing. It will also be a handy hanging point too.

So we’re under more snow and a perfect opportunity to get a few shots! No reason for this, except that I might as well make use of a nice clean white backdrop!

I mentioned the ampersand earlier and remembered that I hadn’t posted any images of it since it was glazed and fired. It’s been sat on my dining room table since July last year and become a regular visual of my daily life, sitting silently alongside me as I have my breakfast. Here it is then.

Mmm. Nice. Put the kettle on.


2 thoughts on “Return Of The 3D Letterforms

  1. These are fantastic and the snow makes such a good background. I feel I need a table centre piece, like these at some point!

    I remember during the 27th letter project creating a letterform that I was pretty pleased with, until you introduced me to ligatures and realised I had not created anything new!

    Also the use of a USB stick to show scale, is a wonderfully geeky addition!

  2. Thanks Aaron. I guess we’re all a bit geeky when it comes to type – I was SO excited when this finally got fired!

    I have plans for some more 3D type – not more of the same though, I hope to push the idea and the process a bit further…

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