What The F…riday!

Here are three advertisements from a 1951 issue of the New Yorker magazine. I expect some dialogue about the first one… There is a screen moiré effect on these images at this size, due to the coarse dot screen used for halftone print images at the time. so click on the images for an enlargement of each ad.

Next up is a very elegant ad for Tiffany watches. There is little contentious about this, but have a look at the line work on the watch drawings. Mmm. Nice!

And finally, this one is for my friend Trevor, who knows a thing or two about a lot of things, but seriously knows his gin. Chin-chin!


6 thoughts on “What The F…riday!

  1. you know, we never did get to do the realistic drawings like those watches. they always did look tantalisingly good! i think you should do a summer school for amazing people, let me know when you do.

  2. The watches are fantastic, real craft.
    Very hard to replicate this kind of stuff.

    As for the gin, well I love the idea of having:
    • Line illustration of an empty glass
    • Exciting 3d photo of bottle falling over
    • Snowy explosion around the bottle cap
    • 5 different typefaces (not including the bottle)
    • Centred and range left and floating type

    It all still balances though.
    Unlike me after three martinis.

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