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High Coup

I’ve just made a small booklet of Haiku composed by my friend and colleague Jon Lawrence. Regular visitors to this blog may remember the CD design project  I chronicled for Jon’ s last CD release. He’s a talented chap he is. Check him out.

Jon has kindly let me produce a small batch of these booklets for sale, which are made from 200gsm watercolour paper and 130gsm cartridge paper, pamphlet sewn with an exterior decorative knot, in the Japanese tradition. They are digitally printed to a high standard in a traditional deep blue colour using ITC Stone Serif throughout. The symbol on the cover means change, or transformation.

There are twenty six verses in total, over eight pages (seven really, as I have included a title page.)

I really enjoyed the simplicity of the binding. The 3 hole pamphlet stitch is a very simple and elegant binding method which is usually tied off on the inside for a neat external finish, but I have elected to tie off on the outer edge of the spine and leave a generous double tail.

I noticed the effect that the outer knot and tails had on the whole batch as I was preparing them for a spell under pressure in the press.

I couldn’t resist a few close ups of this detail! I think they have a resemblance to sea anemone.

These little booklets will be available from my shop shortly (when I get around to updating it!) at the very affordable price of £4.00 (free UK postage) but until then you can always request one via email.


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