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Printmaking Video

When I last posted a printmaking entry, I filmed the process with the intention of posting them here, but discovered that I needed to pay for an upgrade in order to do this. Being mean from Yorkshire meant that it wasn’t an option, so I posted stills instead. However, I was pointed in the direction of Vimeo by regular visitor Christian and have since loaded four short videos. You can see them here.

Linocut printing (Part 1) Inking up a Lino Block from Lestaret on Vimeo.

Linocut Printing (Part 2) First Pull from Lestaret on Vimeo.

Linocut Printing (Part 3) The Good Prints Come from Lestaret on Vimeo.

Linocut Printing (Part 4) A Good Print from Lestaret on Vimeo.

You can also see a short film that Christian made last year for the 48 Hour Film Project called Seduced – its short, beautifully shot, and has a great ending…

Seduced from Christian Bird on Vimeo.


3 thoughts on “Printmaking Video

  1. Great process videos and your nipping press is awesome!
    Out of curiosity, what kind of inks do you use? It looks like you’re getting excellent coverage.
    I’ve been experimenting with Speedball and Blick water based block printing inks with mediocre results.

    1. Thanks Bruce, this has been a hugely rewarding process, from buying and restoring the press, to pulling the first prints and then getting systematic in order to just learn more about it. I’m in the middle of cutting a new block for a two colour reduction cut, which will end up here before too long!

      I’m using Caligo wash safe relief inks – recommended by another printmaker – and so far I am getting the kind of results I’ve had with solvent based inks. Admittedly, I’ve only been working in black so far, but I have some white and blue on order, so we’ll see if the quality holds up beyond black.

  2. Thanks, Lestaret!
    I’ll definitely look into Caligo Inks probably when I get close to needing more ink.
    Can’t wait to see your two color reduction cut! I just finished a two color print but I didn’t do a reduction cut; two separate blocks.
    If you don’t mind me asking, have you experimented using paper with ridges or a pattern in it like Curtis Flannel?
    I think we both started experimenting with relief printing using a Nipping press around the same time. I enjoy following your blog!

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