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The Thrill Of The Chase…

I have had a good day today. The first of my students has got a university offer – well done James! I have been creative and productive. I have been listening to Arve Henriksen all night. Yes, today has been a good day. I spent an hour this morning preparing some first year work for a forthcoming student exhibition at the Greyfriars Gallery in King’s Lynn, and the rest of the morning in the workshop, finishing off some ceramic work I began last June, but couldn’t continue as the workshops underwent a ‘H&S transformation.’ I’ll post them when they’ve been fired – probably next week.

Following a good curry – no, a great curry, I decided that it was high time I got to grips with an early christmas present.

Having had a set of wood type since just before christmas, the urge to print with it has been steadily building, and waiting for the temperature to rise a little (the press is currently in the garage) and tonight was going to be the night. Ok, so did a little printing over the holiday – don’t shoot me!)

I composed my chosen words and packed out my chase with some strips of wood and scrap greyboard (in the absence of ‘proper’ metal and wood furniture) and tightened it all up using some recently acquired quoins. The image above is from a high resolution scan. I have reduced it quite a bit for inclusion here, but it is still quite big – you may experience a small pause whilst it downloads, but wait for it – it will be worth it!

It was cold and wet tonight, and I just wanted to get stuck in, so there are no photo’s of the process to accompany this, just a few close-ups of the type and couple of the prints. I’ll scan them in when they are dry…

Lovely. The kitchen table is covered in prints of various quality, everything has been cleaned up and put away, and I’m still smiling. Yes, it’s been a good day.


7 thoughts on “The Thrill Of The Chase…

    1. Thanks. Yes, just using the nipping press. Such a great piece of equipment! I am hoping to get set up with a small Adana letterpress machine before too long – watch this space…

  1. I love the incredible textures which woodblock type always produces; I think it’s how the edges are predominantly crisp, but it’s the centre of the letterforms which are always so unique!

    I’ve been blogging fairly hard this year, and I have some woodblock type on there as well.

    1. You are absolutely right about the textures; for me, the most interesting are the under-inked and uneven prints. Almost everyone who see them says something similar. I will be scanning my prints in and uploading them later today.

      If anyone hasen’t yet checked out Aarons prints, please do – there are some excellent close up scans, videos of the process, and much more.


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