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Reviewing The Prints

Although I did 15 prints in total, I have included just five here for comparison. There were a few that were fairly consistent in quality, and these represent the variety of impressions taken. I’m not going to add any comments as I think they speak for themselves. Needless to say, I do prefer the slightly under-inked ones and I am always happy to hear your comments…

This last one was printed on a laid paper, hence the texture, but without re-inking the type from the previous print.

This is  a visual comparison between the block and the print of the first’R’ of PRESSURE. If you look closely at the bottom corner of the counter space, you can see a small ‘nick’ but the ‘lump’ on the top of the printed character  is just clumsy over-inking.

If anyone wants one of these prints, just send me an email with where to send it to…


I ought to give Bethany Heck a mention here. I stumbled upon her website in progress Endgrain following some image links of some large wood type. Beth is a student at Auburn University in Alabama and a really dedicated wood typer. The website is a shrine to the subject and shows a genuine passion for the detail and uniqueness of wooden letterforms. There are some beautiful close-ups to moon over and a good set of links too. I stole respectfully borrowed the idea of including the large scanned-in block from her, but I think she does it much better than I – go check her out! Thanks Beth!


2 thoughts on “Reviewing The Prints

  1. Wonderful as usual. It always makes me think it’s because we work on computers which produce very ‘perfect’ flat results that we hanker for a bit of texture.
    I would suggest to muck about with some oil paint and turps if I were you. From thick and blobby to liquid and stained.
    Push the blocks somewhere they’ve never been or wanted to go!


    1. Oh yes! After seeing the really heavily over-inked work of Alan Kitching in December (just before we met!)I’ve been toying with the idea of some more playful experimentation. I will probably wait until the summer though as it is f**king freezing in the garage right now!!!

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