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The Whole Truth

Over the Christmas holiday I made a pair of small books from antique paper, and had the first use of my new wooden type on the cover. You can see how they were made here in a stage-by-stage entry.

I made two – one to develop further and one to give away in exchange for a lie. I promised to choose one and award the winner about now, but unfortunately I don’t have many to choose from. Just two actually (thankyou!)


Normally, I would just say ‘what the heck’ and choose one and send off the book, but, as I said before, I made one to develop further in to enter it into a book arts competition in May later this year. I intend to fill it with lies – real ones – good honest, truthful lies if there is such a thing. I would like the book to be a repository for ‘owning up to past misdemeanors’ and ‘clearing out of unwanted guilty baggage.’ It is important that the lies are real.

So I will appeal again. Please send your lies either as responses to this post, or email me direct if you are uncomfortable publishing on the web. You can even send in your lies anonymously (Hotmail accounts are easily set up!) but if an anonymous entry wins, you will have to contact me again for mailing details.

Please note, that all entries that  included in the book will be anonymous – and anything sent to me direct will be kept only until the book is complete – all emails will be deleted.


7 thoughts on “The Whole Truth

  1. Well done! I’m really happy for you; the job is a really good opportunity. I want you to take it and move 2 hours away. It doesn’t bother me because I will be too busy to miss you anyway… everything will be just fine.

    1. Hi James, thanks for the link. The Post Secret project has been running for a few years – there is also a book or two published from the collection! The difference between that project and what I’m trying to do is that the end result – a book full of lies – actually becomes a book full of honesty. This can only work if the lies submitted are real lies, and not just made up ones…

  2. Chris, I would send you a lie, but don’t fully understand the criteria of the lie.
    1) Is it the whole story of a lie that was already made.
    2) No background info on who where or why but just the bare lie itself.
    3) Are we meant make up a lie on the spot to you right now?

    I don’t get it.

  3. Ah Pippa! The criteria of the lie! Well, the straight answer is 2 – just the lie – no background/context – but you may wish to supply some to clarify what you send. I don’t mind not fully understanding the lie – as long as it is a real one – please don’t make one up for me!

    Or is this a lie and you really do know what I’m after?

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