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Wayne’s World!

This is a gift made for a friend (the Wayne of the title of course!) about to embark upon a cultural journey. It is a sketchbook (145x110x17mm, 112 pages)) with a few additional elements to personalise it for him.  As he is visiting Naples and Pompeii to study the inscriptions and cultural history, the endpapers are printed with close-ups of two well known-inscriptions from both cities:

At various points in the book, I have inserted vintages maps and views, of Naples and of course, Vesuvius!

This is the back endpaper showing the other inscription detail.

It has blue and white striped head and tailbands with a blue ribbon marker.

The decoration on the front cover (which is of standard construction covered in blue buckram) has this framed initial W which has been hand embossed on thin brass and weathered with special patina liquid. It has then been scuffed, dented and rubbed before adding the distressed wood frame made from coffee stirrers! Including the frame, this detail measures just 40x30mm.

And what would a post like this be without a close-up?

I met with Wayne today and presented him with it – I think he was pleased and he has promised to use as requested. You never know, he may even let us see some of the drawings he makes… Good luck, and enjoy the experience!

It was good to see Wayne today, along with ace animator Sammy (good luck in the new job!) especially after hearing from another one from that year group earlier this week who has successfully entered into the professional design community; not an easy thing these days. Work hard, be ambitious and remember where you come from you Graphic All-Stars!


3 thoughts on “Wayne’s World!

  1. I am very pleased with it and you’ve even impressed Richard Kindersley to boot! I’ll post a selection of my drawings on my blog when I return from Naples. Can’t wait!

  2. Wow!! I really can’t wait to see what is put in that sketchbook! I am rather jealous – even although I can’tdraw/sketch to save my life!! I’m proud of you bro, and now you have an amazing sketchbook for your amazing work.

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