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Meet The Family #1

In preparation for some serious letterpress work, I have recently bought some founts and am beginning to catalogue them before I get to use them. I aim to share them one by one (or two by two if I’m feeling biblical) and hope to show prints as well as photographs as I get set up. Here is the first one…


24pt Rockwell Bold to be more precise.


Upper and lowercase, with punctuation, numerals and a few ligatures. It is in pretty good condition, hardly used, but there are a few uncleaned characters here and there:

Rockwell is often a much maligned (and poorly used) typeface, but has some really elegant and uncharacteristic features, like the curved base tail with its subtle width difference. Rockwell has become a bit of a generic name for many Egyptienne typefaces – the Ford Fiesta of the the typeface world I suppose.

These images show the founts ‘as bought’ and will need a bit of a clean before they get used… Still they are certainly worth what I paid for them!


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