Yes, you too can share in the delights of letterpress – on your desktop! Download your pick of four, yes four delightful and slightly humourous wallpapers all from the wacky Lestaret press. Just set one as your desktop background and away you go!

There are two formats of each; 1024×768 & 1600×1200:


All originally hand set and printed and transferred to your screen via the magic of the internet!


3 thoughts on “Wallpapers!

  1. *YOINK*
    Steal me some of those! I’m using the one with the set up chase… Why is it called a chase Chris, teach me.

  2. Hi Pippa, glad you like them! If you are interested in anything about letterpress, go to the excellent Briar Press and check out the glossary in the grid at the top of the page: http://www.briarpress.org/glossary – their discussions board is a fabulous source of information too!

    Not wishing to leave without giving an answer, a chase is an iron or steel frame, in which forms are locked, so that they may be held firmly on the bed of the chase. The chase is the black frame around all the wood, metal and type. Collectively what you are looking at is a forme – an arrangement of metal or wood type, from which a page may be printed.

    The know-it-all answers above were gleaned from briar Press and Wikipedia respectively.

    Look out for a few more wallpapers in the future!

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