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Play Your Cards Right…

I have just cleaned up after a brief but therapeutic printing session – some business cards for me at last – and thought I’d post an update on some of the typographic cards I have printed during June.

I have recently purchased a small expanded ampersand (another eBay bargain, but don’t tell Mrs.Lestaret – she thinks I have enough now!) and wanted to try it out. I decided to use the little HS1 (I have been favouring the smoother running 3-5 of late) even though it (the HS1)  is not generally very good at running out block colours.

I mixed a little cadmium yellow to my white (oh I’ve gone colour crazy these days!) and inked up my baby press.

My thumb is included in the shot above to show the scale – I printed a fair few little cards on a variey of coloured cards for overprinting at a later date. I also ran off a few question marks:

These are printed in a rather murky green/grey on a faded green stock.

And the same colour on a rather fetching and sun faded orange stock.

I also inked up the back of an old print block in my trusty Prussian Blue. These will have further layers and type added as and when the mood takes me.

I also used this fantastic little automatic numbering machine. Originally this would have been used to print sequential numbers on invoices, tickets and receipts, and works on a ratchet system: as the block is pressed onto the paper the ‘No’ legend at the foot of the image above  is depressed. It is slightly higher than the rest of the numbers and type and is spring mounted. As the pressure is released (as the print is made) the raised part returns to its original height, pushing on the ratchet that rotates the numbers. The ink rollers do not have enough pressure to depress the mechanism and function just as normal. Each time, the print shows a descending number:

So what was the outcome?

Well, not number six anyway. These are printed on a double panel embossed card – you can just about make out the panels if you enlarge and squint hard…  I’m going to do more of these soon, but a little more elaborately. You’ll get to see them when they are done.

So what was the crown image all about at the start of this post? Well, in the true spirit of typographic exploration and graphic communication I present:

What can I say? It is all in the presentation as the saying goes, and I open the comments section to your opinions on whether swearing can be either big or clever – if the presentation is right. Palace Script seems to be made for this…


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