What the… Friday!

The 1980’s in the UK. Those were the days of the New Romantics, yuppies, enormous mobile phones and, er, The Krankies.

Early evening light entertainment didn’t come much lighter (or weirder) than this. The act primarily consisted of, well I say primarily but what I mean is totally consisted of, a grown man trading quips and jokes with a dwarfish woman dressed as, and behaving as, a naughty schoolboy. It was made all the weirder because it was no secret that the pair were actually husband and wife. You can see a bit of their act on this clips show. Go on, I dare you. Then go and have a shower.

Well, what’s this got do do with anything? This is not like him post trivialities such as poor quality comedy from the early eighties I hear you say. But that’s where you are wrong. The Krankies released a single in 1981 called Fan Dabi Dozi, which was little ‘Jimmy’ Krankies catchphrase. A colleague of mine (who shall remain nameless to save his own reputation, but many thanks to P–l S—–ll for letting me post this here) brazenly brandished this little gem in the office recently:

If viewing their act didn’t scare the pants off you, then hearing the single will.  You will need to scroll down a bit before you get to it, but go on, I double dare you.

This was obviously a high quality production, with no expenses spared on the packaging. Sorry, that was a typo, I meant to say “no expenses spent on the packaging!’ I haven’t included an image of the reverse because it was left blank – it is just a pity that the record wasn’t left blank instead!

I hope that you listened to the single before the next image because I think you’ll know where the money was really spent…

Mr. Finlay, hang your head in shame.


5 thoughts on “What the… Friday!

    1. I think it ought to be your mission to get it re-released in the states – I think tht The Krankies would do very well over there…

    1. That was just a small part of a very awful period in musical history known as ‘the 80’s!’ I didn’t know which was worse – the single, or that it managed to get into the charts – who bought it?

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