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Four Colour Print #2

I thought I’d begin this post by showing the first block in the jig. The block is positioned centrally to ensure even pressure from the platen – which is directly beneath the screw. If the block is not centrally aligned under the screw, the platen becomes unstable and results in uneven pressure across the block:

The jig positions the block right under the central screw when it is aligned to the base:

Each of the blocks has been cut to the same size, so I then place a piece of card with an appropriately sized window with a couple of flaps of paper on two edges to help position to print stock in the same place:

The images above show the first block as it has the largest print area. The second block is slightly different:

The edges have been trimmed away to avoid picking up unwanted ink in the carved out areas.

And a better shot of the positioning card, which also acts as a mask against any stray ink from the edges of the block.

Time to mix the colour. I have decided to use a series of blues and needed a brighter tone to sit upon the light colour already printed.

This tone gave a good solid mid tone against the pale blue. I needed to make sure that this was not too dark as there will be another, darker shade to over this on the third block, before a nearly black tone adds the final tone.

The first prints were encouraging; reasonably good registration, even consistency and I think, the right blue…

I struggled getting the registration right every time, and managed to print some up to 5mm out of kilter!

There are a good amount of prints with good registration too, which was as much down to luck as it was to preparation and technique. I expect that the number of good prints will dwindle as each successive colours gets laid down…

So I’ll finish with my familiar shot of prints hanging from the ceiling of the garage printshop and leave you with the first showing of the image…


4 thoughts on “Four Colour Print #2

  1. Looking forward to seeing the final images. Its all getting a bit Hitchcock with this suspense…

    Thanks for sharing the process

  2. Many thanks, I hope it all works out ok! I have printed the third colour this afternoon and will post again later. Watch this space…

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