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Four Colour Print #3

I love mixing ink. I really do. This is for the third colour, a brighter. more intense blue this time. I am using my trusty Prussian Blue and a little white. At this point I had mixed a little too much white and was adding more blue.  Click on the image to see it more closely – go on, you won’t be disappointed.

It must be the weather and my impending (and long overdue) holiday, but I couldn’t help thinking about the colour of the Mediterranean Sea and well, ah, back to the printing…

The third block is quite similar to the second, but reveals a little more detail in the face and hand, but I must have been thinking of sun, sea and sangria because I over-inked the block. A little cleaning up later, and things started to come together:

These photographs were taken just after I had cleaned everything up and show how the ink is now ‘sitting’ on top of the ink layers below and forming a shiny build up:

And following the format of previous posts, here’s one that got away…

About 3mm out of register on the left, and two at the top, plus far too much ink all make for a crappy result.

I printed these this morning and have been finding excuses to go back in the garage printshop all day to look at them. I’m smiling as I type this up , just hoping that I don’t mess it all up on the last block.  I’ll leave these  for a couple of days to dry fully before finishing them off, and start cutting some new blocks.


3 thoughts on “Four Colour Print #3

  1. “About 3mm out of register on the left, and two at the top, plus far too much ink all make for a crappy result”.
    I don’t think so!
    It’s a bit like disliking the texture on woodcut prints, the ‘off bobness’ of it is part of the media, if we want ‘on bob’ I go to a professional litho shop. Art and craft versus machine?
    That Andy Warhol didn’t mind a bit of off register and he’s quite popular…

  2. Trevor – you are right of course. I guess I’m just getting a little over-critical of myself. Sure, some are a bit out of kilter, but they are all pretty cool in their off-bobness – I can’t wait to get the final colour on, but they are still not dry! I’ll make sure one comes your way.

  3. Getting fancy with four colours. I’m impressed as always. Looking forward to the finished product. Today I realised I have been away from the blogging world for well over a month, and it seems I have missed nearly two whole pages worth of Lestaret! I am now back on board and have joined to WordPress side of the world. Hope you are well Chris and having a good summer


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