When I started blogging about 18 months ago, I didn’t think I would be as enthusiastic about it as I am. I have posted over 200 entries in 37 categories which represents a lot of variety so I have decided to make some changes. The changes I am making will help to define the things I do and make, and allow this blog to be a record of my creative output and inspirations. So this blog will continue pretty much as it already does but I am filtering out the typographic elements and starting another blog purely about type, lettering and visual comminucation. Yes, another blog about type. Ah, but I’d like to think this one will be a little different…

As many of you will know, I am a bit of a typography nerd. I’m one of many – you may also be one too. One of those people who will watch a movie and complain that the end credits were poorly composed, or that the opening titles didn’t match the print marketing. One of those people who can identify the typeface on a bottle of lager  in the pub and think “now wouldn’t that be a good quiz question!”  One of those people who gives direction like “take a left at the big square bulding with the stacked white lettering on the corner, and go as far as the pub – you can’t miss it; it has a really elegant copperplate script on the sign…”

So my new blog will be about type. Not just type in abstract, but about the type and lettering that is around us – where we live – in our collections – in our cupboards and the dusty boxes in the attic. But what I hope will make this blog different, is that you will contribute. Yes, you. Not to comment – but to contribute. I will be asking you to submit examples and images of your own along with some text to support them. I will be setting up some themes and threads that I hope you find stimulating enough to seek out your own stuff and share it with us online. That’s the idea anyway.

The new blog is called “my type of…” and I now declare it open…


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