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Four Colour Print #4

I’ve had to wait quite a while for the ink to dry because I over-inked on the third colour. So this evening I set to work on the last colour, knowing that the job was already compromised. I mention this now and would like to draw your attention to the first post in this series where I declared my intention to publicly explore four colour prints on the blog after a really disastrous first attempt. If I seem overly critical, it is just my way of evaluating what I have done and working out what needs to be done at the next ‘exploration’ – there doesn’t seem to be a better word to describe this. I am not an experienced and skilled printmaker, but someone who is making their way with the process: if we are not learning, we are not living.

So the final block is positioned on the jig. This time I have left on the main ‘cutaway’ areas as I wouldn’t mind any stray ink marks appearing on this layer.

There were many stray ink marks, that seemed to mucky up the print rather than add any ‘printerly’ marks, so I eventually cut them away.

First, a close up of all four colours. You can clearly see the effect the over-inking on the third block has had. I don’t really mind this personally, but I had not originally set out to achieve this effect, which looks a little like thermography. For my next multi coloured prints I will try to avoid this.

I am quite pleased with the results though:

The over inking has created these impression lines around the edge of the block, where the ink has squeezed out over the non-absorbent layer below. And the final image?

The title of this print is “Always Check The Label” which I will letterpress at the foot of the sheet in a week or two.

The question is, what to do with all these prints? Any suggestions? Do you want one? Why? Let me know…

Whilst these are drying, please check out my new blog about typography here.


10 thoughts on “Four Colour Print #4

  1. In 1998 I caught the number 53 up to Meadowhead roundabout, wearing my best shoes and a nice new shirt, carrying my work in a borrowed Daler Rowney A2 portfolio. I nervously walked up the road to Norton College, where I was ushered into a small office to be interviewed by a lecturer.

    Half an hour and a friendly chat later I had been accepted onto the graphic design national diploma course. Among the forms I had been given was my first ever college assignment, titled ‘visual diary’, which I was to make a start on over the summer before starting the course. Start it I did.

    12 years later, I still keep that visual diary. And one of those prints would go really nice in it.

    1. You got one! Those were the days eh Stu? Oh, and I don’t think you ever put it in for assessment – please submit by monday or I’ll withdraw you quali!

  2. Dear Mr Lestaret

    Can you help me? I’m sure I saw on your blog reference to French stencils used in street signs etc. On the basis of this when on holiday in France (I returned to New Zealand 2 days ago)I snapped up 3 sets of copper stencil sets at a brocante, as well as 2 sets of woodtype and 4 wooden textile printing blocks. I left the drawer the type came in behind, along with most of the underwear, footwear etc I had taken with me so as to keep within the weight limit.

    And now I can’t find the reference to use of stencils and my efforts aren’t going too well, partly because copper is very pliable and needs some form of frame, I think – next time I will look for zinc sets.

    Did you write on French stencils?

    And I’d love a copy of your print, I’m sure I could organise to pay postage, perhaps send a bit of left over paper Euros? I too have a nipping press (I should have 3 but foolishly let monetary considerations affect my judgment at a time of rare opportunity). And your series on multiple colour print preparation is just what I needed to motivate me to use the materials I already have.

    Thanks Terry

    1. Hi Terry, too bad about having to leave behind part of the paraphernalia – I always think that the cases and packing of these type of things have as much charm as the actual things themselves, but when you have to make a choice…

      I have not used french stencils before, although I have blogged something about it in the past – can’t find it though! But I did recall a good link that I included –

      There is an email link from the home page – I’m sure that you’ll get some more info there. Let me know how you get on. I’d love to see some images.

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