Wish You Were Here!

As the more regular readers of this blog may have noticed, I have been unusually inactive of late. I have been on a well-earned holiday with the Lestarets in deepest Devon, a place I have driven through many, many times en route to Cornwall, but never spent any time there.

Whilst some of you may groan and wail at seeing more boring holiday photographs on blogs like these, I reserve the right to post whatever the deuce I fancy! So here is a taste of my experience of this beautiful county, famous for its cream teas:

Unspoiled beaches, Enid Blyton style rockpools and seaside shops selling essential equipment for whiling away the days!

Strangely enough, there were no nets without colour…

Although we spent a great deal of the time at the coast, and stayed at a very lively harbour (the regatta was jolly great fun!) I was hugely disappointed with the general state of the marine communities visual appearance. Believe it or not, this boat was the most elaborately sign written I saw, with the majority of working and pleasure craft opting for adhesive vinyl letters in Helvetica Bold, either black or white. Alas.

I did visit the only place in the UK to have an exclamation point in its name though!

We enjoyed some spectacular scenery, and even more spectacular warnings. This sign was on the very edge of an almost sheer drop onto jagged rocks below. I can only compare this sign to hanging a warning around a lions neck bearing the words “DANGER! DO NOT PLACE YOUR HEAD IN THIS WILD ANIMAL’S MOUTH. HAZARDOUS BITING JAWS”

The view was worth it though. This was from the coast path south from Hartland Quay. The landmass just visible on the horizon is Lundy Island.

I took this photograph one full pace in front of the sign. Ha!

I will leave you with this image though. There is nowhere like the south-west of England for the sheer inventiveness of people in the attempt to extract money from unwitting tourists.

I was a little under pressure from young Upper and Lower Case to get to the beach that day, but if you are in the area, I’m sure many of you would make the effort.

I assure you that normal service will resume…


2 thoughts on “Wish You Were Here!

  1. I’m not sure if that was an intentional pun or not, but hell:

    Are you sure you wern’t ‘under pressure’ to see Barometer World too?

    Guffaw guffaw and/or chortle chortle.

  2. Well spotted Mr.Wells, it certainly was a deliberate pun – I was just seeing if anyone was really reading…

    How the devil are you?

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