Reading List

Reading List


A slightly different format this month to coincide with the designer’s favourite publishers 75th anniversary and my holiday reading. The pile above represents this months reading and was all purchased from local charity shops for the princely sum of just under twelve quid. Some are really showing their age, especially the Camus and Forster books, and the two Wyndham books are in exceptionally good condition.

I can’t believe that I’ve never read this one. A real classic early sci-fi story of alien invasion from the early 1950’s. This book is in the best condition of the lot with only a slight crease in the cover and spine,  from 1960.

This one was the last of the pack to be read and hard going at times too, but a really insightful social commentary on life amongst the Anglo-Indians at the beginning of the twentieth century. First published in 1924, this copy was printed in 1962 and features an elegant cover illustration by David Gentleman.

I confess that I had only seen the movie version of this many years ago and I guess it put me off reading the book because I enjoyed it so much! (Do not confuse this with the 1995 remake) First published in 1957, this book ties in with the movie release in 1960. The still from the film used on the cover doesn’t do the creepiness of those kids justice, but I think I know the origins of Jedward now…

This is a book I’ve read a couple of times before and is a real favourite. First translated into English in 1946 (the original french version 1942). The cover image is by Paul Hogarth who is probably more famous for the illustrations on Graham Greene’s novels.

Another book I have reread a couple of times. A real beauty too, elegantly written, intriguing and mesmerising. This book is from 1964 (originally published in french in 1929 and not translated until 1955) and is also illustrated by Cocteau:

There are about 10 or so illustrations throughout the book, all drawn in a very sparce, confident line. Tucked into the back cover was this newspaper review, possibly from the Daily Telegraph at the time of publication:

This is a book that I knew of but knew nothing about, so added it to the pile.

It is a witty (in a 1930’s way!) take on English History and is liberally peppered with very charming line illustrations by John Reynolds, whom I can find little information about.

Tucked into the cover of this one is a very long letter in German and runs for four pages of tight script.

The letter is dated 31st january 1967 and addressed from Mallorca.

I love old books, and Penguin are a very evocative brand. I regret passing on many old penguins and have probably ignored many more as I have browsed my way through the charity shops and book fairs over the years, but I think I’ll hang on to these.


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